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About us

Sea Life was the store that introduced Global Branding.

The idea behind global branding was to collect the best brands under one roof. To always be the first one to offer new and trendy brands. Brands from all over the world offering the greatest quality from countries such as Norway, Italy, England and the United States.

This has been the core and Sea Lifes vision ever since. When it comes to finding the right brands, the correct colors and sizes - Sea Life is the store for you!

Our talented staff are always up to date and have great brand and product knowledge as well as excellent customer service.

Our keywords are World Brands and We Know What We Sell.

Welcome to Sea Life!


1988 - Sea Life opens at Sturegatan 20 in Stockholm.

At that time, the shop called Sea Life in the summer and changed its name to Snow Life during the winter months.

2004 - Sea Life opens its second store on Kungsgatan 12-14.

2008 - Sea Life in Sickla Köpkvarter opens.

2012 - The gates in the Emporia Shopping Center opens.