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Sandals and espadrilles by Castaner. 

Spanish Castaner roots traces back as far back in 1776 when Rafael Castaner was born, the family's first espadrille producer. Many years later, 1927, opening Luis Castaner together with his cousin Tomas Serra, the brand's first workshop. In the mid 60's, Lorenzo Castaner, along with his wife, Isabel, took over the company. During this time, the espadrilla was also seen as a more fashionable piece of clothing. During the 70's, they put their sandals at a fair in Paris. A man came by saying that he had long been looking for someone who could produce an espadrill with a heel. It was none other than Yves Saint Laurent, and after cooperation with YSL, there have been a lot of others big fashion stores that have been working with Castaner. Castaner can proudly announce themselves as part of the world's most skillful creatures of espadrillos.