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Here you will find down jackets, ski jackets or lighter jackets by Colmar. With a nice down jacket from Colmar you can be assured that you are wearing the right one. Through their Colmar Originals Collections, one has built a strong brand and designs top quality jackets.

In 1923 Mario and Irma Colombo founded "Manifattura Mario Colombo" who initially made hats, women's bags and work clothes. After Mario got the interest in skiing, he spent majority of the 20th Century developing and producing ski clothes. It was not until 2009 that Colmar Originals collection took shape. And it was a simple idea, take their classic vintage logo and create clothes with the same feel and design of historic Colmar products, stuck with a modern twist. It became a direct hit and now it is difficult to visit a big city in Europe without seeing the classic Red Colmar Logo, which acted as the company's logo until 1985 before it made comeback 2009.