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Colmar Ski

Get the latest Ski Fashion by Colmar ski.

In addition to their classic collection, Colmar offers a fantastic collection of ski clothes. With high quality materials and a stylish design, you will certainly look the best in the ski slopes. Check out autumn and winter 2017 for their new collection.

Colmar was founded by Mario and Irma Colombo in 1923. After Mario got interested in skiing, that was exactly what he was focusing on. He started to produce some garments but the real start came when he made Olimpionica, a windproof jacket made of waterproof poplin. During the rest of the 20th century, Colmar came to be very prominent in sports and has provided the most national teams in skiing with clothes over the years. Colmar is still one of the largest manufacturers of winter sportswear and offers a wide range of high-tech garments that fit the ski slope as well as everyday.