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We offer outstanding jackets, shoes and boots by Dolomite. Thanks to their many years of experience, Dolomite has become a top manufacturer in the market when it comes to jackets and especially shoes and boots. Their boots made of Gore-Tex and Vibram is a favorite.

In 1897 the 17-year-old, Giueseppe Garbuio opened his first store "Fabbrica Scarpe Montello". At first, he was only a shoe manufacturer, and focused primarily on manufacturing work and mountain boots. In 1930, when skiing became increasingly popular, the Alpine boot was also discovered. Dolomite was the first one to make the whole boot in leather. In 1954, Dolomite was the official supplier to the Karakorume expedition which was the first expedition to reach the top of the feared K2 in the Himalayas. Today, Dolomite is still a legendary shoe maker, and they produce in addition to shoes and boots, very nice jackets, often named after alpine peaks and mountains around the world.