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Boots of the highest quality by Dubarry. Dubarry has made unbeatable boots in cooperation with Gore-Tex. With the sailing season around the corner, it is important to always be updated with the Ultima model, which guarantees keeping you dry at sea.

Dubarry was founded in Ireland in 1937 and was initially a highly regarded manufacturer of fine leather shoes. The name Dubarry came from a famous French cousin named Madame du Barry. The reason behind the name was to make it stand out from its Irish competitors as well as having a name that would work throughout Europe. Dubarry gets much of its inspiration from the Irish West Coast, as well as the city of Galway's rich sailing history. One came to be the world's first manufacturer of a sailboat fully lined with Gore-Tex, Shamrock. A model that today is a fond favorite by enthusiastic sailors. Today, Dubarry is a highly regarded shoe and boot manufacturer and is considered to be one of Ireland's most respected and successful brands.