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gloverall dufflar och skepparkavajer

Duffle coats and pea coats are garments that will always be classic icons. The best models with the most classic design are from Gloverall.

Today, when you hear the word Duffle, it's hard not to think of the classic English brand Gloverall. The garment duffle coat, however, was far from their creation. Gloverall entered the market in 1951 when the British had a large surplus of duffle coats from World War II they wanted to sell. Gloverall turned to the clothing retailers Harold and Freda Morris who were specialists in gloves and overalls. Inspired by the mission, the Gloverall name was created as well. The coats became so popular that they started their own production and the rest is history. The most classic model, Monty, is taken from the British fieldmarch counter Bernard Montgomery, who was seen in Duffle coat as a way of identifying with his duffle-dressed troops.