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Henri Lloyd


Henri Lloyd offers a wide range of jackets, shoes, T-shirts, sailing clothes, shorts and much more.

Henri Lloyd is a British clothing brand specializing in sailing. It was founded in 1963 in Manchester by Henri Strzelecki, a Polish soldier during World War II, and Angus Lloyd, a British entrepreneur and clothing designer. Henri can be seen as the company front figure because after the end of the war, he settled in Manchester to study textile and design. A few years later, enriched with experience, he started with Angus, Henri Lloyd. Today, the brand is known worldwide and it is considered pioneers in the art to use new technologies in garments, such as Bri-nylon, as well as introducing velcro to waterproof garments and also the art of hand-stitched seams. Henri came over time to be called "Mr. Henri" or "Waterproof Henri" for his innovative techniques.