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Are you looking for a new hoodie or a pair of boat shoes? Sebago offers a wide range of stylish fashion.

Sebago was founded in 1946 by a shoe shop owner in Maine who merged with two local businessmen and started a factory for hand-made shoes. The brand quickly came to be a favorite in the area, and then throughout the United States thanks to its fine craftsmanship and quality. After settling on the market in the United States, the next goal turned towards Europe. It all started blooming when a European businessman bought a pair of classic Penny loafers and was so impressed that a collaboration began. The craftsmanship together with the fine materials made many people aware of the brand. Many years later, when Sebago released its Docksides and its colorful counterpart, Spinnaker, it quickly became a must across Europe. Today, the brand is sold in more than 120 countries around the world.